Anilox rolls

the level of expertise

Aalberts surface technologies is a leading manufacturer of laser engraved anilox rolls and engineered surface coatings. Aalberts has been servicing the flexographic and offset printing markets for over 30 years. This experience combined with the latest coating, engraving, and inspection technologies make Aalberts surface technologies the ideal partner for your anilox needs.

We offer new rolls and sleeves made complete and have full on-site machine shop to resurface existing rolls and sleeves.

the process

Aalberts surface technologies has the newest fiber-optic lasers allowing us to process standard engraving along with specialty engravings to provide the highest quality print even in the most challenging metering situations including fine process and heavy adhesive applications. Our ceramic coating is tested in our on-site met lab to be 1400 Vickers with 2% or less porosity which allows for an optimal engraving surface. All engravings are certified using a MicroDynamics inspection system for the most accurate readings.

Incoming inspection of a resurfaced roller typically involves the following steps:

1. Visual inspection: This involves checking for any obvious defects, such as cracks, dents, or signs of wear and tear.
2. Measurement of critical dimensions using calibrated gauges such as the diameter, length, and bearing surfaces compared to an OEM print when available
3. Documentation: All the results obtained during the incoming inspection are recorded and retained for future reference.

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