the level of expertise

Aalberts surface technologies offers engineering knowledge and service to improve the material characteristics of products through surface treatments, mainly on local customer and/or (global) Key Account specification.

the process

All branches of the military, as well as their primary contractors, recognize Aalberts surface technologies as the qualified leader in the application of high performance coating systems. Our experienced professionals are committed to understanding and solving your application challenges and meeting your finishing requirements.

We maintain an extensive library of military finishes, specifications and qualified procedures. This enables us to routinely meet the highest quality assurance standards and military specifications.

As an added advantage, we have the production capabilities to provide fast turnaround on both prototype and production runs. Aalberts surface technologies has substantial experience applying:

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC), Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) Coatings, Chromate Conversion Coatings, Tactical Advantage Coatings, Fire and Thermal Protection Coatings, and EMI/RFI Shielding Coatings. Aalberts surface treatment also offers metalizing, silkscreening, stenciling, custom packaging, detailed masking and more. Let us put our experience to work for you.

CARC service available at this location only

Aalberts surface technologies
2915 Wilmarco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21223