Fastener, hardware and
stamping coatings

the level of expertise

Aalberts surface treatment offers engineering knowledge and service to improve the material characteristics of products through surface treatments as requested by specific customer requirements.

the process

Aalbert surface technologies is recognized by Automotive, Energy, Construction, Marine and OEM industries as a qualified leader in the application of high-performance thin film coatings. Our experienced professionals are committed to understanding requirements and finding solutions to even the most challenging of applications while also meeting delivery deadlines and quality expectations.

We offer a wide range of coatings to provide a variety of benefits including corrosion protection, friction modification, chemical resistance, improved appearance and protection from galling. Many of these finishes are available in a range of colors common to industrial, automotive or construction finishing. Some of our specific offerings are Zinc Flake Coating, Polymer Coatings and Antifricor coatings along with Magni, Doerken, Atotech, PPG (Whitford) Xylan, and Molykote, along with various Molybdenum Disufide (MOS2) and commercially available coating products.

Our Dip-Spin process is a cost-effective application method well suited for fasteners, stampings and other small items. We also offer HVLP spray processing when superior cosmetics are required or for larger components or parts that are unsuitable for bulk processing. With either process, we can scale up for high-volume production volumes or down for prototypes or smaller production runs and we are able to offer specialized finishing techniques for the most challenging parts or applications.

We can process a part as small as an M3 x 20 Fastener upto large components weighing as much as 3000 pounds and 12 feet in length.

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