Thermal spray coatings

the level of expertise

Aalberts surface technologies offers engineering knowledge and service to improve the material characteristics of products through surface treatments, mainly on local customer and/or (global) Key Account specification.

the process

Industrial manufacturing has many abrasive, erosive, and corrosive applications in which metal surfaces wear out too quickly affecting quality and performance. Aalberts surface treatment has the expertise to provide thermal spray coating solutions for these challenging applications.

We utilize twin wire arc, plasma, and HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) processes to apply metallic, ceramics, and carbide coatings to increase the life of manufacturing components. These coatings are mechanically bonded and provide protective surfaces which are much harder and denser than the parent metals.

As an added service we post finish these hard, wear resistant coatings to Ra’s as low as 1 -2 Ra, while holding dimensional tolerances of .0005”. In many cases we design and masking to process unique geometries and coating surfaces. We also prepare surfaces for coating utilizing machining, grit blasting, and electrolytic stripping of carbide coatings.

Aalberts surface technologies also has the capabilities to metallurgically test coating properties to guarantee they meet customer specifications.

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